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Wood Fireplaces & Chimney Sweep Services In Central Coast

Lincs Heating Centre – The Best Fireplaces In Central Coast 

We at Lincs Heating Centre have been selling fireplaces around the Central Coast for decades now and this means that we know what will work best for you. This goes for our wood fireplace and chimney sweep service as well. Our immense experience in this regard helps us to provide the very best when it comes to such products and services. We offer you a wide and varied range of products in this case. They include:

  • wood heaters
  • gas heaters
  • electric heaters
  • gas log fireplaces
  • wood fires
  • electric flame fires
  • outdoor heating solutions
  • outdoor gas and wood fires
  • gas flame fires – heating and decorative
  • pellet fires
  • wood-fired BBQ (barbecue)
  • condensation control units
  • heat transfer kits

At any time, we have more than 25 working models on our floors.

Come and find out more about our products and services

If you want to come into our showroom to see a great range of fireplaces on display, we are near the Central Coast. Ask us about our range of wood fireplace options and our chimney sweep service. You can also check out our website as well. This way you would be able to get some idea of how good our products are in the first place. We offer all the leading brands of fireplaces. As a leading supplier with many years’ experience, you can be sure to trust us. We can offer you everything you need to access the latest in heating technology.

We also have awards for our work over the years. Therefore, we are the ones you should be buying your  fireplaces in    Central Coast from. We are also confident about the wood    fireplace and chimney sweep service that we offer.

The one-stop-shop

As far as your heating and fireplace needs and requirements are concerned, we at Lincs Heating Centre are your definite one-stop-shop. In this sense, we also strive to offer a wide range of products and services that would suit you irrespective of your budget and the type of home you have. Whether you have a mansion or a humble cottage, we will work with you to find something that suits your needs and your wallet.

The wide availability of products and services

Our fireplaces in Central Coast, as well as the wood fireplace and chimney sweep service, are available all over the region. It also needs to be said in this regard that our products and services are also available for commercial customers. We serve both residential and commercial clients, and we are aware of the different needs that each have. You will find that our showroom is inviting and warm. We also offer hot running displays of different kinds of fires for your perusal – wood, pellet, gas, and electric.

We have immense experience when it comes  to    fireplaces in Central Coast as well as being proud of our wood fireplace collection and our friendly chimney sweep service. You can also trust us to provide expert advice that is completely unbiased. Therefore, we invite you to come and witness with your own eyes what we have to offer to you. You can also talk to us and choose the product that would just be right for your home. As you can already see we offer you immense variety in terms of types of products as well.