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Chimney Sweep Services In North Shore

Lincs Heating Centre – Get Your Chimney Sweeping Done By Professionals

The concept of chimney sweeping has been around for as long as there have been chimneys.  It is important to remove the build-up of soot and other debris from your chimney as it can cause a fire if embers fly up from the fireplace. It is also important to allow the free movement of air so that the chimney can remove the built-up smoke. Without a clean chimney, smoke can enter your living areas and compromise the air quality and damage your furnishings. This will be a health hazard to all occupants, especially those who are prone to respiratory problems.

When it comes to sweeping, the importance of a professional chimney sweep service is counted on. It is because only professional chimney sweeps know the best ways to seal fireplaces to prevent the soot from going all the places. So, if you are in search of a professional sweep service in and around the North Shore, then Lincs Heating Centre is the name that you can choose.

 What does Lincs Heating Centre do?

Lincs Heating Centre employs a team of highly trained professionals who can sweep chimneys far better than the conventional sweeping methods. By using a specialist chimney sweep service, the experts of this company can remove the heavy build-up of tar and shoot from the chimneys. After completing the job, the experts of this company will complete a smoke test and issue the necessary certificate.

Apart from offering a professional chimney sweep service, at Lincs Heating Centre, the professionals also offer all the necessary services and products that people need for their chimneys, fireplaces, or appliances. Being a professional sweep service provider in North Shore, we always aim to take care of the chimney sweeping related service of each of our clients professionally. The expertise of the professionals of our company ensures that the chimneys and appliances remain clean, efficient, and safe.

How do we do that?

At Lincs Heating Centre, we have a group of professionals, who offer regular chimney inspections, sweeping, and maintenance service around the North Shore to keep our clients safe from carbon monoxide poisoning and chimney fire. To perform this job, our company’s experts always undertake the proper precautions while inspecting the visible sections of the fireplaces, cookers, stoves, or boilers, chimney systems and the connector pipes on each service.

The experts of our company are proud of what they do and therefore, every time they offer a chimney sweep service, it comes with unparalleled customer service. This ensures that our clients remain happy with the service. We know the value of time. Therefore, most of our sweep services take around 30 minutes and the critical ones take a maximum of 45 minutes. And even after completing the sweeping job, the experts stay there with the clients until they ensure that the chimneys are perfectly cleaned and are safe to use.

What makes us different?

  • Professional, qualified, and friendly staff members
  • Great expertise and years of experience
  • Professional clean-up service in North Shore at affordable rates
  • Registered service
  • On-time service always
  • Free quotations on request