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Outdoor BBQ Sales In Hornsby

Lincs Heating Centre – the best BBQ sales in Hornby 

We have been in the business of BBQ sales in Hornby for decades now and in this period, we have been able to create a lasting identity for ourselves in this particular industry. You can get three different kinds of BBQs from us. We have the domestic 3-6 burner BBQs. These are the ones that you buy for your home as well as for those big outdoor kitchens. They come with facilities such as incorporated sinks and fridges. They also have modules that make them capable of being used in your outdoor patio. We also sell the huge commercial BBQs that come with hot plates.

Our bigger products

Our larger BBQ sales in Hornby are used at establishments such as councils, schools, and caravan parks. You would also be happy to know we can offer customised products as well. This means that we would be able to make a BBQ that fits the available size in the best possible way. Most of the people who work for us have been in the business for decades now. Their knowledge and experience is something that we pride ourselves on, and immensely so if we may add.    

A few words about us

Our company was started in 1968.

It was the Lincoln brothers who started it and ever since we have been a name to reckon with as far as BBQ sales in Hornby are concerned. We were one of the first companies in the North Shore area of Sydney to offer heating and barbecue services. Our company is now headed by Banjo Vogt, who happens to be a licensed gas fitter and plumber. We are well known for the quality of service that we provide – it is nothing short of exceptional and we are pretty sure of that. We offer both outdoor and indoor products that are of the highest quality. 

Experience and knowledge

We are proud of our reputation as market leaders when it comes to BBQ sales in Hornby. Banjo has been working for our company for the past 17 years. He is an exceptional figure for our organisation in the sense that he always brings a modern approach as far as managing our systems is concerned. The same goes for our operations as well. This is the reason why we can provide our clients with the best possible service in this regard. He has at least 20 years’ knowledge of the plumbing industry.

This is the reason why he knows the ins and outs of this industry as such. This is also a major reason why we lead as far as BBQ sales in Hornby are concerned. This is also why we – Banjo and his team – can provide you installation and sales as part of the same package. We can work in close connection with the architects and builders and this is how we make sure that you always get a high-quality installation. 

Our showroom is fully stocked, which means that you can come and explore all that we have as and when you want to.