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Wood & Gas Heaters In St Ives

One-Stop Heating Solutions Provider near St Ives – Best Quality Wood & Gas Heaters

Do you wish to warm up your home interior a little bit and keep it cosy during winter? You will need a proper heating system to be installed in your home. Remember while you are searching for the best in the business around St Ives, Lincs Heating Centre is the right destination for you.

We are considered as the one-stop solution provider for all kinds of heating solutions in Australian homes. Whether you need wood heaters or advanced gas heaters, we have it all. 

Unlike other retailers who are pushy, we stay with you for the long haul. We would rather that you are fully satisfied with your purchase, rather than simply moving stock. At Lincs Heating Centre, you can expect to find all kinds of solutions under one roof. Our expert team specialises in installing, repairing and scheduled servicing for the heating components you select for your home.

We Begin with Consultation

It’s quite natural for you to get confused about which of the gas heaters is the right choice for your home, especially when you are buying it for the first time. That’s why our exceptional team is always ready for a thorough consultation. Our consultation is available for St Ives residents and is not just limited to gas-based heating solutions as we also provide these services for selecting wood heaters too.

Here are some of the ways we work out things for you –

  • Determine the Coverage Area

We believe that the very first determinant, in this case, is the overall space of the room you want to heat. The capacity of the heating solution may differ accordingly. Evidently, the heat coverage of the wood fireplace will vary from the gas heaters. So, what we do first is measure up the entire room.

  • Maintenance Protocols

Before you buy it is important that you appreciate the different levels and costs involved for ongoing servicing and maintenance for different types of heaters so that you can budget accordingly. So, before you decide on whether to purchase any of the wood heaters, we clearly let you know whether it is flued or unflued. From that, you will have an idea of the ongoing frequency of maintenance and costs. This will help you to choose the perfect wood fireplace setup accordingly.

  • Choosing a Well-known Brand

Most importantly, we cannot just let you install any of the heaters. Our strong reputation has been built over the years through customer’s ongoing satisfaction and recommendations. We insist on supplying well-known brands to protect our clients and our reputation. Accordingly, we only stock and supply gas heaters or a wood fireplace that has been manufactured by a well-known and regarded brand, with good warranty and longevity in the business. 

We Offer a Customised Solution at the Best Price

We understand the need of every household in St Ives is different. With that in mind, whether you need something to warm up your entire house or especially need it to create a unique ambience in any of the rooms – we have just the right solution for you.

Let Us Help You Out!

Our team of experts dealing with both the wood heaters and gas heaters are there to assist you. Reach out to us for shopping, installation or servicing advice and we will make sure that your heater remains in perfect working condition as always.